Cover crops remain tricky to fit into annual crop rotations in Minnesota, but windows after canning crops, silage, and small grains allow for robust growth. Growers are also experimenting with interseeding cover crops into standing corn and soybean crops to get a longer growing season. The Minnesota Office for Soil Health (MOSH) has a survey of relevant cover crop research available, while practical tips for implementation can be found with the University of Minnesota Extension  as well as partners with Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the Natural Resources Conservation Service statewide. Ongoing research and demonstration work includes cover crops with low-disturbance manure systems, cover crop economics, cover crops in wide-row corn, and early summer (prevent plant) cover crop species trials.

Minnesota Cover Crop Recipe – Post Corn, Going to Soybean: Use Cereal Rye
Minnesota Cover Crop Recipe – Post Soybean, Going to Corn: Use Oats
Minnesota-Wisconsin Cover Crop Recipe – Post Canning Crops: Use Oats with Radish
Minnesota Cover Crop Recipe – Post Corn Silage, Going to Corn: Use Cereal Rye
Minnesota Cover Crop Recipe – Post Corn Silage, Going to Soybean: Use Cereal Rye
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Various agencies provide cover crop services at a local level. These resources can help with technical support and answer questions from a local perspective at no cost.
Minnesota Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Find your local NRCS Field Service Center

University of Minnesota Extension

Find your County University of Minnesota Extension Office

Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (MASWCD)

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University of Minnesota Extension - Cover Crops

Minnesota Office for Soil Health - MOSH

Feel free to contact your MCCC state representative for local questions and recommendations. Your MCCC state representative's contact information can be found on the State Contacts tab.

MCCC State Contact
Anna Cates
Assistant Extension Professor
S225 Soils Building
1529 Gortner Ave
St PaulMN 55108
United States

Other Contacts
Julie Grossman
Assistant Professor- University of Minnesota
454 Alderman Hall
1970 Fowell Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone:  612-625-8597
E-mail: gross025@umn.edu

Lizabeth Stahl, CPAg/CCA
Extension Educator - Crops
Worthington Regional Extension Office
1527 Prairie Drive
Worthington, MN 56187
University of Minnesota
507-372-3900, ext. 3912

Troy Salzer
Extension Educator
University of Minnesota Extension
St Louis County
Government Service Center
201 South 3rd Ave W
Virginia, MN 55792
o. 218-749-7120

Axel Garcia y Garcia
Associate Professor, Department of Agronomy & Plant Genetics
Sustainable Cropping Systems Specialist, UMN Extension
23669 130th St
LambertonMN 56152
United States

Nathan Drewitz
Assistant Extension Professor
Center for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Donald l. Wyse, Ph.D.
Professor- University of Minnesota
Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics
411 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone:  651-625-1268
E-mail: wysex001@umn.edu

Stephanie McLain
Soil Health Specialist for Minnesota
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Cell: 507-500-1301