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Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide,
Third Edition (MCCC - October 2021)

The popular Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide has been revised and is available from the Purdue Education Store.

Individual guides are available for $6 and a box of 25 guides is available for $135.

Watch the video below to learn more about updates in this latest guide edition.

Cover Crop Essentials

MCCC is offering Cover Crop Essentials, designed for educators for a limited number of Midwest ag professionals. This is a virtual course that will emphasize bi-weekly cohort discussions and provide seed for demo plots to be used in course activities. This course will run August 2-November 22, 2024. Applicants should fully understand the requirements of the course and commit to participation of this pilot training.
Thanks to support from North Central SARE, this first-ever cohort has the opportunity to participate in Cover Crop Essentials at no cost.


Download Our Free Training Modules

MCCC is offering cover crop slide sets available for free use by any educator in the U.S. and adaptable to local needs. MCCC has presented these slide sets as live webinars. Webinar recordings and slide sets are posted here.


Soil and Water Conservation: A Celebration of 75 Years
Cover Crop Economics: Opportunities to Improve Your Bottom Line in Row Crops
2020 National Cover Crop Survey

(CTIC, SARE, ASTA – August 2020)

2020 Cover Crop Survey

(CTIC, SARE, ASTA – August 2020)

2017 Cover Crop Survey

(CTIC, SARE, ASTA – September 2017)

2016 Cover Crop Survey

(CTIC, SARE, ASTA- July 2016)

2015 Cover Crop Survey


2014 Cover Crop Survey


Integrating cover crops in soybean rotations: Challenges and recommendations for the North Central Region

(MCCC - May 2015)

2013 Cover Crop Survey


Managing Cover Crops Profitably

(SARE Handbook Series Book 9- 2007)

Cover Crop Materials and Video Spreadsheets (March 2016)

The following pdf spreadsheets were developed by a 5-member team of Extension Educators from the North Central Region as a way to help fellow Educators, conservation partners, and individuals interested in learning more about cover crops to have a listing of videos and materials which were broken out by topics as well as roughly ranked based on content relevancy to the overall theme of the video. Those videos or materials ranking “higher” were seen as having more relevant scientific or instructional information for the viewer, while those with “lower” rankings generally were more testimonial in nature or provided smaller amounts of data or directly useable information to assist in educating the viewer. Care was taken to attempt to not be overly extreme in critiques of the materials, but instead were designed to be used to help viewers with limited time determine where to start. These lists are not all inclusive.

Acknowledgements: The North Central Ag. & Natural Resource Academy Cover Crops team would like to acknowledge the assistance provided to us for this project by Dr. Eileen Kladivko, Purdue Agronomy Department;  the Midwest Cover Crop Council; various Midwest university specialists; and state conservation agencies and organizations.  Without their help and guidance this resource listing would not have been possible.