Michigan State University is dedicated to understanding how cover crops best function and enhance various production systems through innovative research and extension efforts. The MSU Cover Crops Team launched a new website in 2016 to share Michigan’s latest research and newsletters: Michigan State University Extension- Cover Crops and also has a Twitter feed @MSUcovercrops

Michigan Cover Crop Recipe – Post Corn, Going to Soybean: Use Cereal Rye
Michigan Cover Crop Recipe – Post Soybean, Going to Corn: Use Cereal Rye
Michigan Cover Crop Recipe – Post Wheat, Going to Soybean or Corn: Use Oats and Radish Mix
Michigan Cover Crop Recipe – Post Corn Silage, Going to Corn: Use Cereal Rye
Michigan Cover Crop Recipe – Post Corn Silage, Going to Soybean: Use Cereal Rye
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Various agencies provide cover crop services at a local level. These resources can help with technical support and answer questions from a local perspective at no cost.

Michigan Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Find your local NRCS Field Service Center

Michigan State University Extension

Find your County MSU Extension Office

Michigan Association of Conservation Districts (MACD)

Find your County MACD

Feel free to contact your MCCC state representative for local questions and recommendations. Your MCCC state representative's contact information can be found on the State Contacts tab.

MCCC State Contact

Monica Jean
Field Crops Educator

Michigan State University Extension
219 N State St
Alma, MI 48801
Phone: 989-224-5240
Email: atkinmon@msu.edu

Other Contacts

Christina Curell
Cover Crop and Soil Health Educator

Agriculture and Agri-Business Institute- Michigan State University Extension
830 Michigan Ave. P.O. Box 274
Baldwin, MI. 49304
Phone: 231-745-2732
Email: curellc@anr.msu.edu

Paul Gross
Field Crops Educator - Isabella County

Michgian State University Extension
200 N Main St.
Mount Plesant, MI 48858
Phone: 989-772-0911
E-mail: grossp@msu.edu

Kim Cassida
Forage & Cover Crop Specialist

Michigan State University - Dept of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
1066 Bogue St Rm A486
East Lansing MI 48824
Phone: 517-353-0278
E-mail: cassida@msu.edu

Dale Mutch
Retired- Michigan State University Extension
E-mail: mutch@msu.edu

Sieg Snapp
Professor, Soils and Cropping System Ecologist
Michgian State University/ W. K. Kellogg Biological Station
576 Plant and Soil Sciences Building
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517-282-5644
E-mail: snapp@msu.edu
Click here to visit Dr. Snapp's website.